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Revo Launcher


Revo Launcher is a program I developed in Unity, available for Android and PC. It's a launcher where the main feature is the use of "grids with animated channels". The channels can be used to launch a wide variety of things: Apps, programs, Steam games, emulator games, open websites, triggers webhooks...

Each channel has an icon animation (that plays in the Home screen) and a banner animation (that plays fullscreen when selecting a channel). Using its built-in animation editor, you can create your own animations more easily!

The app comes with 3 different themes preinstalled - Light, Dark and Matrix. Themes allow you to replace most of the assets of the app: Colors, textures, sounds, fonts, texts, element positions... With the in-app themes editor you can create your own personalized launcher.

Finally, you can use the Content Hub platform to upload your own content, as well as browse and download content created by other users.


Here are the download links:

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